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Interesting work that you're doing - you have a unique perspective. I too am compelled to do "something" to shrink the gap. How many times have you heard: 'When I was your age I wanted world peace too. Then reality set in'. Our generation can make this happen.

I see QDR as half-empty. We've spent 76b in Afghanistan on troop logistics and 5b on the 'everything else'.

SysAdmin as a priority? Not yet.

Hi Jarrod,

Thanks for your comments. I appreciate you visiting my site.

I agree with your final sentiments in that there doesn't seem to be that critical mass yet. I think Barnett is right about the momentum expected to pick up with "generational turnover" as the old boys hand the keys over.

The best we can do is position ourselves early to take advantage of that wave when it comes along. Those of us civilians who can hit the ground running will be more useful and effective. :-)

Some research I have in the pipeline includes a few books on war logistics, to be digested following my completion of Barnett's Blueprint for Action, which I just started. If I hope to be involved with SysAdmin logistics in the future, I need to know Leviathon logistics well.


Interesting article and congrats on the Barnett link and endorsement of sorts. You may find of blog of mine of interest:


Thanks for visiting and commenting as well. I will take a look at your blog.


great post, Shawn. I too arrived here from Tom Barnett's blog and am happy to have done so. I've been reading Tom's ideas for about a year now, working to really wrap my mind around it all in the big picture, intellectual kind of way (quite a transformative process for a young liberal)... Your piece above is one of the clearest discussions on real application of the Barnett doctrine I've yet seen, and leaves me both excited for the business and development opportunities you illuminate, and better informed on both theory and practice-- aka both strategy and logistics.

Thanks again.

Thanks for your comments! I am glad my post could be of value, and helps confirm that I am providing a more additive effort to Tom's work, rather than duplicative. I really need the feedback and scrutiny to help develop my current thought process and better contribute to the type of conversation Tom is trying to drive forward.

I am in the process of developing some posts that illustrate, or apply, in more detail the concepts I have articulated above.



Wally World (Walmart) has helped bring China into the Core through it's supplier connections.
Great article and a good adjunct to the Barnett blog.

I think this all is effected by our foriegn trade deficit with China. Why are we still importing food from China? when we have a vast supply of food.

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