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The evolution of the air sector in China is going to be an interesting one. Not only do they lack the dedicated cargo fleets, but they have yet to figure out how to sell the space available on commercial aircrafts.

One person I spoke with in the air express business said that many planes are leaving with a lot of open space because the agents do not want to (or are afriad to) sell the space as prices may increase if the airlines knew how much demand there was.

Once the system is configured though, there is little doubt that the market will be there. With more and more high value goods being produced inland, time definate (with higher security and lower loss rates ) service levels will be in great demand.

Thanks for the comment, Rich.

Air cargo definitely seems like the path of least conundrums when compared with the progress of ground logistics. With China further opening up its military-controlled airspace and pouring money into new airports and airport expansions, air cargo will be a logistics centerpiece in supporting any nation-wide business strategy.

I agree with Shawn with there money been pumped into new airports in China and the large increase in domestic cargo couriers air cargo will become huge in China over then next 20-30 years. i was reading in terms of the shipping fleet of china, It has almost four time the capacity of 30 years ago

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