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Those of us in the technical end of the pool have watched the emergence of quite a few operations based on what is pretty well pure bullshit.

This looks to be one of them. Those who do not understand what databases do can be fairly easily conned as to the magical possilbilites available.

Here's a clue. The banks have been building systems for many years that have to operate under constant attack by very intelligent people. Those are resiliant systems with all kinds of cute and fairly smart systems to both protect and act proactivly against the slow.

Another clue. Databases don't talk to each other ... it's a fundamental misunderstanding revealing lack of real knowledge. I dunno what the suposed coders are hacking up at Steve's but I doubt it's even new.


Hi PenGun,

Thanks for your comment, but it is obvious you are not too keen on Enterra, as I have seen a similar post of yours at Tom Barnett's site. I am myself just an interested observer and looking at applications for my industry.

Whether what Steve is doing is new or not doesn't matter if it succeeds in creating value where none existed before and is better than its competitors.

If you are on the technical side of the industry, I don't have to tell you there are a number of technologies that were dismissed in the past as having no future, and yet were later quite successful. Of course, other concepts and technologies have come and gone without much success if any.

I suggest providing more constructive critiques that could help further the collective knowledge of us all rather than simply critique in a condescending manner. I am sure many would appreciate help understanding the benefits and limitations of current database technology in relation to the concepts Enterra has put forth. And also, perhaps, how future database technology could enhance such a service solution.

Of course, other concepts and technologies have come and gone without much success if any.

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